2 Rank Chamber Organ

Click the play button to hear the "2 Rank Chamber Organ" 8'


8' + 4"

Thanks to the Carson Cooman for providing these recordings. www.CarsonCooman.com

"This is exactly the sort of instrument I'd hoped for: one which encourages the refinement and sharpening of technique, allowing for as much expressive and articulative control as is possible in an organ, and with a beautiful, rich principal-based sound that is not overbearing but also timbrally interesting enough to allow hours of playing.

As practically useful as the general trend of the last 30+ years has been with focus on small organs being so heavily on their use as continuo instruments, it has caused a neglect of the potentials of the small chamber organ for expressive realization of solo music.  And what you've built here is I think currently quite unique among small instruments today, certainly in this country..."

Carson Cooman May 2013