Italian harpsichord

Designed as a true continuo instrument, this little Italian styled harpsichord has a single 8’ choir so it is quick to tune. It is very light weight and comes with a padded cover and a separate bag for its legs and music desk. It has a unique feature that allows for the engaging of what the Italians call contratasti, that is, a secondary keyboard that acts as octave and suboctave couplers. When engaged the single 8’ choir becomes, if played in the middle two octaves, 16’, 8’ and 4’: a powerful sound to support moments of high drama. The instrument is also available as a single 8’ or a 2x8’ both without contratasti. In any configuration this harpsichord provides excellent versatility in a very compact instrument. The keyboard features boxwood naturals and walnut sharps .The case is made of yellow cedar with walnut and cherry accents. The wooden jacks are quilled in delrin.
   Range: C-c’’’ (49 notes)
   Buff stop
   Transposition: A= 415/440

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